Key Words

We see real estate development as a constant search for the optimal spatial implementation of living, working and recreation, whereby the impact on the environment is limited, the experience of residents, users, and passers-by is optimized, and a feasible business case is created, as well.


At Porten Development, we see sustainability as an essential part of property development. That is why it is in the DNA of all our projects. A building is always part of a larger context. And we are aware of our social responsibility. We consider technical sustainability, and the impact on the environment, we strive for innovation and the inclusion of nature in our projects, and we implement climate adaptation. Moreover, we have been committing ourselves to the Sustainable Development Goals® since 2019.


Realizing a residential area, a hotel or an office building involves planning, patience and people. The lead time of a real estate project can easily take a decade. A solid relationship with municipalities, investors and building partners is therefore essential. We pride ourselves in finding exactly the right partners: architects, building contractors, and innovative appliance designers. Each of them being a specialist in their field, with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to develop not only a building, but an entire community.


Besides creating a functional building, we also have to deal with possible issues such as flooding, heat stress, nitrogen emissions, biodiversity, drought, wind nuisance and high noise levels. All these challenges have to be met by a well-thought-out design that seamlessly connects to its immediate surroundings. On the one hand, through smart installations and engineering; on the other hand, by emphasizing the importance of natureinclusivity and climate adaptivity. This integral approach to site ecology, architecture and landscape defines our way of thinking.


Let’s be clear, every development must be profitable for all parties involved. Luckily, we have an eye for interesting opportunities. We know the market and understand investors’ demands, having a clear view of risk-return, combined with an in-depth technical and design know-how. By working with the best partners, we are able to deliver truly sustainable profitability to our investors. Naturally, our small, dedicated team and low overhead make a valuable contribution. At present, the market for residential developments in the Netherlands is firm, optimistic and growing.


We aim to build socially coherent communities. In our projects, we always try to include as many user groups as possible. A solid social network makes a fine neighborhood, which, in turn, results in happier and healthier living for all those involved. That is why we build real estate that offers room for social interaction and care for the elderly, with an interplay of gardens, shopping centers, and care facilities, and that also complies with the stringent regulations with regards to safety, adaptability and life cycle durability.