Porten Development

32 | PORTEN DEVELOPMENT MOTORKADE AMSTERDAM Motorkade is part of the Hamerstraat area in North Amsterdam, one metro stop away from Amsterdam Central Station on the new North/ South metro line. The Hamerstraat area is currently subject to extensive discussions between the City of Amsterdam and the stakeholders attached to the area. In addition to the new North/South line, there will be at least one bridge for pedestrians and cyclists over the IJ River to connect North Amsterdam with the city center. The landing on the north side of the bridge will be a mere 100 meters away from the project. The design of the new apartment building will have a robust appearance and an industrial atmosphere. This will be achieved through a specific choice of materials and powerful detailing. In this way, the building seamlessly connects to the signature of the original neighborhood. Porten bought the plot in 2015 and signed a cooperation agreement with VORM in 2016. The design – created by ZZDP Architects – follows a contemporary line, reflecting the new, modern vision of North Amsterdam. Motorkade is one of the few freehold land properties in Amsterdam. SPECIFICATIONS GROSS FLOOR AREA APPROX. 7,000 M2 PROGRAM 120 DWELLINGS CONSTRUCTION 2023