Porten Development

40 | PORTEN DEVELOPMENT WASA STUDENT VILLAGE AMSTERDAM In December 2017, WASA Student Village (WASA) in Amsterdam Sloterdijk, opposite the Orly Centre, was opened after a record building time of twenty weeks. More and more, the Station Sloterdijk area is becoming a residential district. Amidst offices and hotels, the new WASA Student Village offers space for 358 students, spread over 7 buildings. The residences are temporary, and the set-up of the student housing is village-like. By using wooden panels for the facades in three different motifs, a sense of variation was created which enhances the public area around the apartments, which also includes terraces. Porten, together with Camelot Europe and Jan Snel, and in close collaboration with the City of Amsterdam, were the driving force behind this project. By signing a cooperation agreement, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam (Hogeschool van Amsterdam, HvA) became important supporters.