Porten Development

46 | PORTEN DEVELOPMENT PROF. J.H. BAVINCKLAAN AMSTELVEEN The ‘Kronenburg Uilenstede’ area is currently subject to an extensive urban development. The municipality has given priority to this new part of Amstelveen. Dam & Partners made the design for a future-proof multi-tenant office building. The design is an example of a new office typology, in which the public domain runs through the building. Demand is growing for a new type of office, in which there is a balance between office space, (leasable) workplaces, wellbeing, and health. The multi-tenant offices of the future will focus more and more on a healthy and safety environment. According to Dam & Partners, such buildings have large floor areas and communal facilities, which are open to the immediate vicinity. They are therefore being designed specifically for use by large and smaller companies at the same time. The building thus becomes an organic network, within which companies can share knowledge, collaborate, and (continue to) grow.