Porten Development

5 | INTRODUCTION Welcome to our world. We would like to invite you on a tour of some of the real estate developments that we are very proud of. Together with our partners, such as architects, engineers, investors and municipalities, we have been able to acquire the go-ahead for projects that will change the look of cities and the lives of their users. Porten Development has been focusing on office and residential projects since 2010. Although we have an international scope, we are mainly active in Sweden and the Netherlands, where we focus on providing the end-users of our real estate developments with an architectural attractive and socially coherent environment in which there is space for living, working and leisure. Naturally, we aim at meeting the stringent demands of sustainability, energy concepts and safety we value so highly. Therefore, we cooperate with local authorities, investors and partners who are all specialists in their field. This portfolio book offers an insight into some of the developments that we would like to think of as our legacy. It is also an introduction to our team and some of our most valued partners. TOGETHER, WE ARE BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE PORTEN DEVELOPMENT