On February 26th, 2020 – Gemeente Zaanstad concluded the agreement for the Houthavenkade with Porten Development B.V.

The Houthavenkade project in Zaandam is making way for a sustainable residential area with 710 homes. The project will accommodate 30% of social housing, 20% mid-rental units and 50% private sector rental apartments. It will be the connecting link between Ducra harbour, Het Eiland, and the Russische Buurt, and forms a beautiful new entrance to the center of Zaandam. The urban plan for this new part of Zaandam is a co-creation between VAN AKEN and supervisor Sjoerd Soeters. VAN AKEN designed all individual buildings, inspired by the port history and the industrial heritage of the ‘Zaanse Schans’, as well as the interaction with the water. The core of the project is the ‘water square’ in the centre, with adjacent hospitality facilities as a meeting point. An extra bridge to the Russische Buurt will be added. Green public space between the houses reinforces the impression of sustainability. Residents park under the buildings, some parking lots are for shared cars.

Houthavenkade is within walking distance of the Zaandam station, city hall and the largely traffic-free city centre of Zaandam. Residents park under the buildings or use one of the shared cars.


Gross floor area
approx. 75.000 m²
710 dwellings
van Aken
ten Brinke
Construction start