Corporate story

Porten Development is a 21st century ‘niche’ developer. Our motto: the future is ours.
Using our more than 25 years of experience, and planning at least 5 years ahead, we aim to make a tailor-made contribution to a sustainable future. A future in which our children can live and play happily. A future in which everyone can enjoy an optimal work-life balance. A future in which our elderly citizens have a comfortable place to retire, within the very community to which they devoted their working lives. A future for all of us.

Our logo says it all

Our logo was inspired by the pyramid shape conceived by Abraham Maslow visualizing the hierarchy of human needs. In his pyramid, Maslow claims that  biological requirements, such as air, food, drink, and shelter, are the basic needs for every human to survive. Only when these needs are met, will a person feel safe and loved, and will he be able to reach his full potential. In our company logo, too, the building blocks that are the foundations under our developments form a pyramid of self-actualization.

Moreover, the blocks move in a circular manner, with no end and no beginning. This perpetual motion represents the way in which we aim to re-use all components we find when rebuilding and renovating existing property. No waste, no unnecessary carbon footprint. Demolition of the old thus becomes the start of something new.

Our vision

Inspired by climate challenges, we wish to develop state-of-the-art sustainable and therefore zero-energy buildings and areas where people can thrive. We invest in carbon neutral solutions, but also  in next generation air and lighting technologies. We believe it pays to invest in the future today, since we feel  that this is the only way forward. Climate issues can be solved. Together. For this, teamwork is essential. That’s why we only work with partners that are specialists in their field. Knowing the market and understanding investors’ demands, a clear view of risk-return, combined with an in-depth technical and design know-how are crucial.
Most important of all is a shared ambition which drives all parties contributing to the project.


Sustainable building is future-focused building

  • CO2-low construction
  • Honest materials
  • Smart engineering
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Green surroundings
  • Social coherence